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The Jazz Image: Special Edition




During his 60 years in jazz

broadcasting, Leigh Kamman

conducted hundreds of interviews

with jazz artists, including

some of jazz's legendary figures. 

In the early years these were

recorded on magnetic tape. 

Now these treasures have been

lovingly preserved and edited into

a new series of broadcasts called

The Jazz Image: Special Edition,

airing on KBEM. 


These recordings preserve priceless

conversations Leigh Kamman had

with such luminaries as

Duke Ellington, Sarah Vaughan and

Stan Kenton.


Now in his ninth decade, Leigh adds fresh

commentary to roundout these 5 minute

broadcasts, 13 in all in this series.


This work of restoration, archiving and cataloging Leigh

Kamman's interviews, as well as the production of this new

broadcast series was made possible with a grant from

the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund. 

The Proposal for the Grant was conceived and written by

radio personality and singer Maryann Sullivan.


Steve Wiese, the brilliant recording engineer behind

Creation Audio, used his expertise to transfer material from

aging and deteriorating reel-to-reel tapes, "baking" them to keep

them intact and repairing countless old splices that kept

breaking during playback. 


Steve Blons, local jazz guitarist and former co-producer of the

KBEM series, Jazz and the Spirit, selected and edited the

interviews for broadcast, recorded new conversations with

Leigh Kamman and produced the series. 

Leigh provided the anecdotes and recollections. 

His daughter, Kathy Vye, helped Leigh sort through his

collection and watched over everything, especially

over Leigh himself.


Although some 300 or more interviews have already been

retrieved, hundreds more remain. 

The hope is to secure additional financial support to complete

this work and to create a permanent and accessible collection

of all of Leigh's interviews.


Tune in to KBEM to hear that immediately recognizable voice of

Leigh Kamman  once again coming from your radio speaker.


The Jazz Image: Special Edition airs Monday, Wednesday and

Friday at 11:30 a.m.