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Here you’ll find several options to become a member of the Jazz 88 family and help your favorite radio station. This is also where you can renew your membership or update your credit card information. Choose your membership level. Whether it's a $25.00 basic donation, $500.00 or more, your financial contribution is very much appreciated.                                                                                                                                                                                    

Art Colberg Scholarship

For Art Colberg - a former KBEM student intern - education was as necessary as breathing. So after his untimely death in 2004, the Colberg family established the Arthur Colberg Memorial Scholarship.

Frank Engdahl Fund

For many student interns, working at KBEM is their very first job. They earn a paycheck, their confidence grows. They learn how to communicate effectively and develop job skills vital to nearly any career.

Day Sponsorship

A Jazz 88 Day Sponsorship is a great way to celebrate an Anniversary, Birthday, Memorial or any other special occasion AND underwrite a day of programming on Jazz88 KBEM.

Gift Membership

You’ve been looking for the perfect gift for the hard to buy person in your life…give them the gift of jazz. Fill out the form below and your friend or loved one will receive a letter acknowledging your gift to them that includes a membership to Jazz 88.

Host a Restaurantour

We invite you to participate as a featured restaurant in Jazz88fm's RestauranTour — a celebration of the great cuisine found right here in the Twin Cities.

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Member Benefits is pleased to announce that the new MemberCard Mobile App for iPhone is now available in the Apple App Store!