String Theory

In the world of physics, String Theory is, at this moment, the most promising candidate theory for a unified description of the fundamental particles and forces in nature... including gravity.
In the world of radio, String Theory is a program celebrating the connectivity of spirit, passion and compelling artistry shared by all the world's musics.

I invite you to join me every Saturday afternoon in exploring and experiencing this world of musical possibilities!

Thanks for listening! - Kevin Barnes

Note New Time...String Theory  is broadcast every Saturday afternoon from 1 to 3 p.m.  CST on Jazz 88 FM KBEM 88.5fm, Minneapolis, MN and streams on the internet at .



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String Theory 9-3-16


String Theory   

Hour 1

      Kevin Barnes


Song Title

 Album Title

Dancing Hands


Jaguar at Half Moon Lake

Lynn O’Brien

Light Everywhere/With Her Voice

Light Everywhere

 Sarah Jarosz

Ring Them Bells

Follow Me Down

 Bela Fleck and the flecktones

At Last We Meet Again

Three Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

Stephen Fearing

Black Silk Gown

That’s How I Walk

David Grisman

Through the Country

David Grisman’s Folk Jazz Trio

String Theory   


      Kevin Barnes


Song Title

 Album Title

Richard Bono 

Te Dikalo

Scenes From My Life


The News

Mazouk Afrique

Caetano Veloso

How Beautiful Could a Being Be


Paulo Bellinati & Monica Salmaso 

Canto de Iemanja

Afro Sambas

Mike Marshall & Hamilton de Holanda

Big Country

New Words

String Theory   

Hour 2

      Kevin Barnes


Song Title

 Album Title

The Chieftains with Joni Mitchell

The Magdalene Laundries

Tears of Stone

Patrick Street

The Raheen Medley

Live From Patrick Street

 Paul Brady

Minutes Away,Miles Apart

Oh What A World




Susan McKeown

 In London so Fair

Bushes and Briars

String Theory   


      Kevin Barnes


Song Title

 Album Title

Sam Bush

Funk 42

Howlin’ at the Moon

Jeff Black

Birmingham Road

Birmingham Road

Sally Barris

In the Name of Love

Reluctant Daughter

Matt Flinner 

Sam I Am


  John Gorka

 Amber Lee

After Yesterday

  Alison Brown

Chicken Road

Twilight Motel