String Theory

In the world of physics, String Theory is, at this moment, the most promising candidate theory for a unified description of the fundamental particles and forces in nature... including gravity.
In the world of radio, String Theory is a program celebrating the connectivity of spirit, passion and compelling artistry shared by all the world's musics.

I invite you to join me every Saturday afternoon in exploring and experiencing this world of musical possibilities!

Thanks for listening! - Kevin Barnes

Note New Time...String Theory  is broadcast every Saturday afternoon from 1 to 3 p.m.  CST on Jazz 88 FM KBEM 88.5fm, Minneapolis, MN and streams on the internet at .



String Theory On Demand Audio Archive
String Theory 9-17-16


String Theory

Hour 1

Kevin Barnes


Song Title

Album Title

Noam Pikelny

Milford’s Reel

Beat the Devil and Carry a Rail

Lindsay Mac

Use Me

Small Revolution

Peter Mulvey

Where Did You Go?

Silver Ladder

Zoe Keating

Legions (reverie)

One cello x16:natoma

Mollie O’Brien

Sign Your Name

Tell It True

David Grisman’s Folk Jazz Trio

Noche Romantica

David Grisman’s Folk Jazz Trio

String Theory


Kevin Barnes


Song Title

Album Title

Selma Reis

Para Vivir

The Air of Havana

Waldemar Bastos


Preta Luz (Blacklight)

Speaking in Tongues

Unlikely Circumstances

Speaking In Tongues


Barco Negro

Fade em mim

Ronu Majumdar & Abhijit Bansuri

Rag Jainholi

Lady Astride the Tiger

String Theory

Hour 2

Kevin Barnes


Song Title

Album Title

Ben Woolman

Castle Walk


Cory Wong

The Valley


John Fahey

When the Springtime Comes Again

The Best of John Fahey 1959-1977

Cyril Pahinui

Lullaby for Pops

6 & 12 String Slack Key

Sylvain Luc

All Blues

Solo Ambre

String Theory


Kevin Barnes


Song Title

Album Title

Madeleine Peyroux

A Little Bit

Half the Perfect World

Nickel Creek

Where Is Love Now/Elephant in the Corn

A Dotted Line

 Tetes Noires

Family Ties

The New American Dream

 The Bills

Hallowed Hall

Yes Please

David Grier

      Chinquapin Hunting