String Theory

In the world of physics, String Theory is, at this moment, the most promising candidate theory for a unified description of the fundamental particles and forces in nature... including gravity.
In the world of radio, String Theory is a program celebrating the connectivity of spirit, passion and compelling artistry shared by all the world's musics.

I invite you to join me every Saturday afternoon and Sunday evening in exploring and experiencing this world of musical possibilities!

Thanks for listening! - Kevin Barnes

String Theory  is broadcast every Saturday afternoon from 2 to 4 p.m. and Sunday evening from 9 to 11pm CST on Jazz 88 FM KBEM 88.5fm, Minneapolis, MN and streams on the internet at .


String Theory 10-13 & 19, 2013

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String Theory   
10/13 & 19/2013    Hour 1
      Kevin Barnes
Song Title
 Album Title
Rob Ickes
New Blues
Slide City
Michael Billet
Broken Dreams
Parrish Skies
Pat Donohue
Summer in Central Park
Two Hand Band
Leo Kottke)
The Banks of Marble
Try and Stop Me
Jorma Kaukonen
Heart Temporary
Stars In My Crown
Leo Kottke
Try and Stop Me
String Theory   

Kevin Barnes
Song Title
 Album Title
Sean Watkins
Neo’s Song
Let It Fall
Kate MacKenzie
A Woman Like Me
Let Them Talk
Chris Thile and Mike Marshall
Carpathian Mtn. Breakdown
Live Duets
Nickel Creek 
When In Rome
Why Should the Fire Die?
Tony Trischka
World Turning
World Turning
Sam Bush
Laps in Seven
Laps in Seven
String Theory   
10/13 & 19/2013 Hour 2
Kevin Barnes
Song Title
 Album Title
The Slip
Nellie Jean
Angels Come On Time
Richard Bona
Scenes From M y Life
Dancing Hands
Half Moon Lake
Jaguar at Half Moon Lake
      String Theory     

Kevin Barnes
Song Title
 Album Title
Kate MacKenzie
Can’t Stop Myself
Age of Innocence
Rani Arbo & Daisy Mayhem
Baby Took a Limo to Memphis
Cocktail Swing
 Tin Hat Trio
 The Rodeo Eroded
 Cliff Eberhardt
It’s Home Everywhere I Go
 The High Above and the Down Below
Lizz Wright
When I Fall
The Orchard
Darol Anger- Mike Marshall Band
The Gator’s Back