Legacy Amendment Programming

The following programs are funded by the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund to produce radio programming and concerts to support the arts. 


Butch Thompson's Road Show: Butch Thompson’s Road Show educates listeners about the origins of jazz with live piano solos and narrative from one of the country’s original jazz experts – Minnesota’s own Butch Thompson.  The show also aims to educate listeners about the origins of jazz through live solo concerts by Butch Thompson paired with other musicians from genres outside jazz. Each concert would be recorded for broadcast as part of the Butch Thompson’s Jazz Originals series. The second year will include a dance element choreographed to classic jazz and original compositions.


Jazz at MPS:This program highlights the work of high and middle school band teachers and young artists, by using existing recordings from concerts and by bringing the students into the studio to record them playing their original work and music from the jazz lexicon. The students would learn about putting a radio show together by helping to make content decisions. They would also learn about writing arrangements for different combinations of musicians. And they will learn how to perform in a studio, which is very different from performing in front of a live audience.


Jazz Noir: Jazz Noir is an hour long radio show in the style of the  CBS Radio Mystery Theater, teaming a Minnesota Writer/Playwright with a Minnesota Jazz Composer collaborating to originate a one-hour radio "Noir" drama elucidating a gritty and fascinating time in Minneapolis/Saint Paul/Minnesota history. The 2014 Radio Drama is The Black Hand Side That Feeds You, written by Award-winning playwright Christina Ham with a jazz score composed by John Penny.


MN Jazz Elders is a comprehensive look at the beginning of jazz in the Twin Cities, featuring jazz artists in their 80’s and 90’s who are still performing.  The show will include a pieces performed live by these individuals and will include one on one interviews interspersed into the program.  The program is intent on giving the history behind the beginning of jazz and also to honor our active musicians with telling their story to the community.


Minnesota Jazz Trax: A web stream dedicated to Minnesota jazz and jazz artists. This stream is a separate stream from our on-air service, but content from the stream would be featured on Monday nights on the radio. Content  includes music, short form documentaries, and interviews.


Viva City: The Viva City Festival is an annual celebration that takes place in Minneapolis Public Schools every year. The festival gives the district an amazing opportunity to share and honor the art making that has been created with a large number of the student population.  It has become an icon for the district and in 2014 we look forward to celebrating the festival's 20 years of existence. A broadcast of the "Best of Viva City" will be produced.


Twin Cities Presents: A weekly music show that covers a variety of genres. Each show  features a Minnesota artist that will be performing in the Twin Cities the upcoming weekend.  The show will include popular songs by the artist, mixed with drops from interviews.  Also, fans will be interviewed on why they love this particular artists/group.  Blog on website coincides with the piece.