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Arts and Cultural Heritage Programs


The following programs are funded by the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund to produce radio programming and concerts to support the arts. 



The Feel Good Revolution. A monthly concert series creating a night of intentional happiness. Singers, poets, comedians, and musicians will perform artistic pieces promoting happiness, healing and triumph.


Minnesota Jazz Legends: The Elders A comprehensive look at the beginning of jazz in the Twin Cities, featuring jazz artists in their 70’S and 80’s (and possibly 90’s), who are still performing.  A live in studio concert recorded for later broadcast, in a two hour episode. Short form programming will also be produced, up to ten 2-3 minutes in length.


A Weaving of Traditions/Native Roots of Jazz. There is a connection between Native American music and jazz, and several noteable jazz musicians have Native roots. The live performance will include jazz played on Native American style flute as well as Native drumming and chanting. will accompany the group and provide traditional (Anishinaabe) vocals and percussion.


Talkin' About Jazz. A 2-3 minute radio show featuring interviews with and performances by Minnesota jazz guitarists.  At least 10-13 episodes will be produced.


Twin Cities Weekend/Minnesota Music Profiles . A weekly 3-4 minute program that features an artist who will be playing in the Twin Cities the same week the show airs. There would also be a 4-5 minute promotional piece produced for the artist so they can use it on their own website.


Jazz at MPS A showcase of student musicanship in the Minneapolis Public Schools. An hour long weekly radio show will feature jazz combos and bands. A day long workshop ending in a public concert will also be produced. The season culuminates in a community engagement event featuring kite flying, Minneapolis Public School youth bands, and music from Minnesota's jazz elders.


Flow: Youth-Focused Music, Plays and Commentary. Minneapolis youth who reside, work and/or participate in KBEM’s Media Training Program will present music, spoken word and one-act plays in a live remote broadcast during the Annual FLOW Northside Arts Crawl, on the western-end of the FLOW staging (Broadway between Logan and Penn).


MPS Voices. A web stream dedicated to Minnesota jazz artists, as well as the student voice in the Minneapolis Public Schools. This stream would be a separate stream from our on-air service. Content would include jazz music recorded by Minnesota artists, and programs produced by Minneapolis Public Schools students including music, short form documentaries, and interviews. We will also be using this stream to broadcast live with student run programming.