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Jazz Noir -“The Black Hand Side That Feeds You"- Audio Stream Now Available!

Full Cast Bob Olson A.K.A. Roberto Oldani   (Peter Moore) Marjorie Nicholls  (Jane Froiland) Don Crowley (James Williams) Ezra Levine (Dann Peterson) Alice Warner (Rhonda Gibson) Leslie Manfred (Clarence Wethern) Valerie Nichols A.K.A. Blackjack (Elizabeth Efteland) Marjorie and Bob Alice and Don Alice and Bob Valerie and Marjorie Valerie and Don Leslie and Bob Marjorie, Bob and Leslie Freddy "Two Fingers" (Thomas West) "Fish Hand" Atkins (John Penny) "Groove Master" Elliot  (Nathan Norman)

If  you missed the broadcast, you can now audio stream our Jazz Noir presentation of a new original radio drama "The Black Hand Side That Feeds You" by Award Winning Playwright Christina Ham with a jazz music score composed and performed by John Penny. This is the 2nd production in our "Jazz Noir" radio series  teaming a MN writer with a MN jazz composer to collaboratively originate a new original radio drama and jazz score set historically in the Twin Cities. 

The production was performed, recorded and broadcast live  at the Dakota Jazz Club in Minneapolis on Sunday, April 27th.

This is the post-produced recording of the performance.

Click HERE to listen

Plot summary:  The Black Hand Side That Feeds You
   The Black Hand Side that Feeds You takes place during the pulsating period of the 1960s in the Near North Side neighborhood of Minneapolis bookended by the calamatous period  of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s last visit to the Twin Cities in April of 1967 and the riots that occurred a few months later in August of that same year. The Black Hand Side that Feeds You looks at the intersection between Jazz and the Civil Rights movement in Minneapolis highlighting key players in the Jazz world in its story. As its backdrop a movement that was bubbling around the country finally set foot on North Minneapolis soil and a quest for a better way of life for African-American citizens in the area could not be denied.

Cast- Peter Moore, Jane Froiland, James Williams, Rhonda Gibson, Dann Peterson, Elizabeth Efteland, Clarence Wethern.

Musicians- John Penny (Guitar), Thomas West (B3 and Keyboards), Nathan Norman (Drums).

Jazz Noir is made possible through support provided by the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.