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Jazz in the Target Atrium- Ballads- Friday, October 21st


Jazz 88 KBEM is the broadcast partner for Orchestra Hall’s  JAZZ IN THE TARGET ATRIUM Series curated by Jeremy Walker.

Join us for the season kickoff edition Friday, October 21st : Ballads

In this meditation on the ballad, the Atrium Jazz Ensemble (AJE) led by Artistic Director Jeremy Walker, draws inspiration from two of John Coltrane’s greatest albums: John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman and his simply-titled Ballads. From ache to flirtation to every kind of indigo mood, the jazz ballad is one of the great achievements of American art.

•   The AJE will dig deep into the Great American Songbook, including music by Gershwin, Strayhorn, Rogers and Hart, and others.

•   Rodolfo Nieto’s rich baritone bathes listeners in singular sound—from opera to musicals to the music of Billy Strayhorn.

Bring your sweetheart or your memories. A ballad is a solitary contemplation enjoyed in the company of other revelers.

Jeremy Walker, piano  Rodolfo Nieto, vocals   Brandon Wozniak, saxophone  Jeff Bailey, bass   Kevin Washington, drums

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About Jazz in the Target Atrium

Curated by composer and local jazz impresario Jeremy Walker, the four-concert series pairs jazz masters with the local Atrium Jazz Ensemble, all performing new music for audiences in the intimate setting of the Orchestra’s Target Atrium.

The broadcast will stream and be available on demand at jazz88fm.com.