NOVEMBER 26, 2012

Board of Education, Special School District #1 is licensee of non-commercial FM Radio Station KBEM-FM, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Board of Education, Special School District #1 operates the Minneapolis Public Schools and as such has since the station’s inception been an Equal Opportunity Employer (Exhibit A) who has followed a consistent outreach to the Minneapolis Community, providing broadcast opportunities and education to Minneapolis citizens. With the adoption of the Commission’s current EEO rules in March of 2003, KBEM-FM has continued their efforts of recruitment from the local community and to provide internship opportunities for students at all grade levels. KBEM seeks the help of local community organizations in this effort. If you know of an organization that would wish to receive our vacancy information, please have them contact Human Resources at the number listed below.


All recruiting for KBEM-FM is done through the Human Resources Department of the Minneapolis Public Schools and utilizes the resources of the City of Minneapolis Civil Service Commission. Any questions regarding employment or recruiting practices of KBEM should be directed to:

Human Resources/Labor Relations Department

1250 W. Broadway Ave. Minneapolis, MN 55411-2533 Tel: 612-668-0544 Fax: 612-668-0505

In addition, all listeners are encouraged to visit http://empapp.mpls.k12.mn.us/  for an online listing of all job openings at the Minneapolis Public Schools.



A listing of some of the community resources used is presented in Exhibit B of this report. KBEM-FM is continuing to add to this list with on air announcements asking for groups or individuals who would like to be notified of job opportunities to contact us either by phone, mail or via our web site: http://www.jazz88fm.com





Jen Odden was hired in June 2012 for the position of Program Manager. Out of the 36 people who applied, six were interviewed, including three internal candidates. The position was posted through Human Resources of the Minneapolis Public Schools.




Minneapolis Public Schools provide students with a truly international education that will better prepare them for life in a global community. More than 8,020 students are currently learning English or speak another language in their home.

Minneapolis has 36 elementary schools, 5 middle schools, and 7 high schools; 16 alternative schools; 3 charter schools; and 2 special education schools.  KBEM draws students from all these schools with “School News” aired 12 times on weekdays throughout the academic year.

KBEM is housed in North High School and offers the creativity and technological innovation of New Media like Digital Audio.  Students go on to further academic study and careers in the fields of Advertising, Broadcasting, Digital Communication, Performing and Visual Arts, Journalism, Video Gaming.  





Student Demographics (2010-11)

 African American   37.1%

 Asian American   8.2%

 Hispanic American   18.1%

 American Indian   4.8%

 White   31.9%


English language learners 21%

Eligible for free or reduced price lunch   65.6%

Special education 19%





Minneapolis Public Schools regularly holds career fairs at all seven MPS High Schools, including North High School, the studio location of KBEM-FM. Michele Jansen, Station Manager and Eve Bledsoe attended these career fairs aimed at high school students.  Michele Jansen attended a high school job fair held at the Minneapolis Public Library.





NOVEMBER 26, 2012


Minneapolis Public Schools Policy 4000

Adopted: 05/26/81



It is the intent of the Board of Education and the Superintendent of the Minneapolis Public Schools, Special School District No. 1, to comply with all Federal, State and Local laws and ordinances which prohibit employment discrimination. Compliance shall also extend to provisions of negotiated con- tracts and Civil Service rules and regulations.


The Board is committed to a policy of equal employment opportunities. This policy shall apply to recruitment, receipt of applications, selection, appointments, placement, training, compensation, benefits, promotions, transfers, disciplinary actions, layoffs, recall from layoff, and terminations for all school district employees. This policy will be extended regardless of race, color, creed, religion, ancestry, national origin, sex, affectional preference, handicap, marital status, status with regard to public assistance, Vietnam era veteran status and age.


The Board assigns to the Superintendent the responsibility for the implementation of this policy and for the preparation and implementation of an Affirmative Action plan. The Board will provide the resources required to implement this policy and plan. Affirmative action will be the means to ensure that equal employment opportunities are extended to minorities, women, the handicapped and Vietnam era veterans in all levels of employment. The Board is committed to seek out, address, and remedy the effects of discrimination that may present barriers to the full employment of these persons. The plan will include realistic goals and timetables for the hiring and promotion of women and minorities.


The Superintendent shall designate an affirmative action officer to be responsible for the implementation of this policy and the affirmative action plan for the district. The affirmative action officer shall make annual reports to the Board on the progress toward attainment of the goals stated in the plan.

Good faith efforts toward the attainment of these goals shall be expected of all managers and supervisors. It shall be considered a violation of this policy for any person to retaliate against a person who pursues rights under the law, opposes acts that may violate the law, or cooperates with investigations into alleged violations of the law.

Further information on Minneapolis Public Schools is available on-line at:





NOVEMBER 26, 2012


This exhibit is a partial listing of some of the community organizations used in recruitment at KBEM-FM.

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