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Hosted by Kevin Barnes, Bluesville showcases a wide range of local, national and international Blues and R&B artists.

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Bluesville 4-18-14

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4/18/14  9-9:30p

      Kevin Barnes


Song Title

 Album Title

Big Joe & the Dynaflows

Smells Like BBQ

Layin’ in the Alley

The Butanes

Long Time Thing/Dirty Deeds

Long Time Thing

Damon Fowler

You Go Your Way

Devil Got His Way

The Cash Box Kings

Fraulein on Paulina

Holler & Stomp

Roomful of Blues


Hook, Line & Sinker


4/18/14  9:30-10p

Kevin Barnes


Song Title

 Album Title

Paul Geremia

Lovin’ Sam/Dr. Jazz

Love My Stuff

Dave Snaker Ray

My Mind Is Trying to Leave Me

Snake Eyes

Eddy Clearwater

Muddy Waters Goin’ to Run ClearBoogie My Blues Away

Boogie My Blues Away

Guitar Shorty

Old Time Sake

Topsy Turvy


4/18/14  10-10:30p

Kevin Barnes


Song Title

 Album Title

Ashleigh Still

Moving On Up/Freedom


Scottie Miller

Burned By the Man

Elixir for the Soul

Sena Ehrhardt

You’re the One

 Leave the Light On

Kirk Fletcher

Natural Anthem/El Medio Stomp

My Turn


4/18/14  10:30-11p

Kevin Barnes


Song Title

 Album Title

Smokey Wilson

House in Hollywood/Not Pickin’ Your Cotton

The Real Deal

Sugar Ray and the Bluetones

I Done Got Wise

Hands Across the Table

Irma Thomas

Another Man Done Gone

After the Rain

Tedeschi Trucks Band

Until You Remember